Mattison got his vote cast very quickly. He had his choice of voting booths and  he wasn’t surprised. 

“This is what I expected,” he said.

“You didn’t expect a crowd?”

“Never did,” he said. 

Mattison was voting at Mount Calvary  Baptist Church on Wrightsboro Road, where finding a parking spot also wasn’t an issue

Though there are three key Republic Primary runoffs on the ballot here, Mount Calvary is solid Democratic primary territory. 

“A little over 90 percent Democratic here, we have maybe a good two percent Republican.”

There is a Democratic Party run off on the ballot for  State School Superintendent, but this race hasn’t been grabbing a lot of headlines.

Mister Mattison got a Democratic Primary ballot but says he only voted because he saw that the poll was open. 

“I just came by and saw what was going on so decided to come in,” he said. 

By midday the average was less than two voters an hour. The poll workers would rather see it busy so the job becomes ‘how do you pass the time’. 

“Slowly slowly that’s all I can actually say,” said Moore. 

With just under an hour to go 17 people have voted at Mount Calvary.