At least 8 city cars totaled in Friday shop flood


Augusta,Ga (WJBF) Last Friday’s soaking rains created problems all over town including, here at Augusta’s Fleet Management Office where cars that had come in for repairs ended up going away totaled.

Augusta’s Broad Street maintenance shop appears back to normal, but that wasn’t the case last week.

“Last Friday was kind of a catastrophic event, obvious an act of God,” said Fleet Manager Ron Crowden.

About seventy vehicles were parked outside the maintenance shop last Friday.

But with the heavy rains, a floodgate was opened on the canal, water poured over the canal bank flooding where some of the vehicles were parked.

“The ones directly behind us were the ones that were totaled it’s the deepest part of this location we look up at the canal,” said Crowden.

8 cars were lost four belonging to the Marshal’s office three to the Sheriff’s including a confiscated Camero, the cars ranging in age from 12 years old to 3.

The value of the cars according to Kelly Blue Book is is approximately 37 thousand 500 dollars,” said Crowden.

Another 13 cars suffered water damage they’re being inspected to determine how bad.

Cars cost money, and not all the parking area was flooded, but the Marshal’s Office says when they got the word they acted to get other cars to safety.

“The operations Lieutenant I notified him immediatly he took three of his people to move the vehicles out of there and by the time he left the substation and made it the shop on Broad Street the vehicles were pretty much in an unrecoverable state I had deputies go out and they were up to their hips in water,” said Colonel Bill Probus.

Crowden says others at the shop also got into the water to get the cars out of the way.

“We moved cars, and I think the people who are complaining that we were sitting on our tushes, we moved approximately 40 to 45 cars out of the flood zone,” said Crowden.

Some may argue having a maintenance shop that is below the level of the canal that floods is a bad idea the fleet office agrees that’s why they’re looking to SPLOST 8 to build a new maintenance shop in a different location in Augusta George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6.

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