AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Right now, the Windermere Health and Rehabilitation Center is a medical battlefield. A spokesperson representing Windermere told us 70 residents have tested positive for COVID-19. 

“A skilled nursing facility is an incredibly difficult environment to practice the same level of social distance like we can out in the public,” said Augusta University Health’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. Phillip Coule.

The spokesperson from Windermere told us 67 of the residents are in isolation in the center. Three residents are being treated at a hospital.

Augusta Fire and EMA spokesman Jason DeHart said seven people that are employees at Windermere tested positive for coronavirus. The nursing home is right across the street from Doctors Hosptial and it is listed as a 120-bed care facility for the elderly. 

Thursday, the Georgia Department of Health made a visit to Windermere. Augusta University Health was called in to conduct testing. 

“The nursing home really did the right thing by testing and really knowing whether or not their residents could have this. And I think that’s an important step for them to do that,” said Dr. Coule.

A statement from Windermere reads, “We are doing everything we can to protect our residents and staff. This includes Providing appropriate PPE, taking heightened precautions and adhering to protocols outlined by the center for disease control. Before every shift, we asses the health of our staff and screen all staff members for respiratory illness. Which includes a temperature check. We are also restriction visitation at this time base on guidance from the CDC and the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services.”

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SavaSenior Living is Windermere’s parent company. They’re based out of Atlanta. Right now, SavaSenior Living is in the process of notifying family members as to what is going on. 

Over the phone, District Attorney Natalie Paine said, “My office will be following up with the appropriate state agencies to investigate and to determine what precautions, if any, were taken. The immediate concern is determining how to contain the virus and protect the uninfected patients within the facility.”

This is a developing story and in the very early stages. We will continue to keep you updated over the air and on the web.