AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Cold weather can be deadly to those living on the street.

With temperatures dropping outside – shelters are open for those in need during the colder weather. 

Augusta leaders are organizing to provide warm shelter, blankets and food for the community. 

“We don’t do this work alone- we’re working with the city, promoting where our women’s shelters are. We’re passing out that information,” said Sabrina Faircloth, Supervisory Social Worker of the Healthcare for Homeless Veterans Program at Veterans Affairs (VA). “We have blankets today for veterans who need that. We also have hygiene items for them.”

At the VA, Faircloth is at work providing resources to homeless and at-risk Veterans.

“We’ve really seen- been able to be a part of- veterans rebuilding their lives,” said Faircloth. “So we not only provide them with housing resources, but we also link them with healthcare- with mental healthcare. We have community employment counselors who work on getting veterans enrolled in school and getting them employment options.”

At the Salvation Army, The Center of Hope takes in people until 9 p.m. They also serve hot meals for dinner.

“If you want some of our day services like getting, maybe, a shower, or some clothing and blankets, you can come, you know, from 9 ‘til about 5 and get those kind of things,” said Major Jonathan Raymer of the Salvation Army.

And for those wishing to make donations, you can do so through the Salvation Army’s website or at any of their area locations.

“There’s a number of spots that it can be brought,” said Major Raymer. “And we will make sure it will get to those who need it most.” 

Major Raymer says their Center of Hope is also available to those needing other assistance. 

“Because we know, certainly, we want to help those who are on the street in the cold. But we also want to help you in the way of keeping you in your apartment, in your house, with heat on,” said Major Raymer. “So we help with utility assistance and rent assistance and we also have partners that have partnered with us at our First Stop to do those kind of things as well. So, we have a number of things to kind of combat against, this time of year, despair. We want to bring hope.” 

Resources will continue to be available throughout the season. For more area resource information, visit the websites below.