As CBD becomes more popular, so do the questions


Healthcare costs are expensive and drug companies are getting sued due to the opiod crisis. These are just two of many reasons why people are looking for alternative ways to manage pain, anxiety and other disorders. Some have turned to CBD products. 

A simple Google maps search brings up at least 6 locations that sell CBD products in the CSRA and there are more on the way. As stores pop up and the products become more popular so do the questions. 

NewsChannel 6’s Ashley Osborne spent the morning at Your CBD Store in Aiken and talked to store owner Jim Olson about the products they sell. She also talked to Dr. Janis Coffin at the Medical College of Georgia about CBD products and how to safely add them to your daily routine. 

Your CBD Store in Aiken is wedged in between Firehouse Subs and Ferrando’s Italian Pizzeria. Stores like Your CBD are in shopping centers just like this one across the River Region. At first glance, it might seem out of place; however, store owner Jim Olson says they are not. He takes pride in the welcoming, family-friendly environment they strive to offer. 

NewsChannel 6’s Ashley Osborne asked Olson to pretend she was a customer. She asked him to treat her as though she was a perspective customer who knew nothing about CBD products, but was simply intrigued to learn more. Olson explained what it is in the products they sell. 

“It is the industrial hemp plant,” Olson says. “We extract the resin from the flower of the plant to create CBD oil.” 

You may have driven by one of these stores and scratched your head in wonderment considering marijuana is only legal in a handful of states and neither Georgia nor South Carolina are on that list. Olson breaks down how industrial hemp is similar, but different from the marijuana plant. 

“A lot of people think that this is like the marijuana plant and that it’s going to contain THC (the property that gives you a “high) and it does contain trace amounts of THC, but our company removes that from the product so it’s leaving behind the cannabidiol oil, which is really the essential oil that people are looking to get into their body,” Olson explains 

He showed me us a variety of ways you can take it. Watch the video below. Olson walks us through the store. He explains the different products they sell and what ailments they can be used to treat. 

The big question–do CBD products work? Those people who have life-changing testimonials would answer with a resounding yes. 

“Our own company has test results from a doctor,” Olson describes, “they were working with a patient who had severe gran mal seizures and they were showing the brain wave studies through the process of increasing their CBD level and they minimized those seizures that were 100 to 200 hundred gran mal a day to one or 2 a month.” 

However, CBD is still the new kid on the block when it comes to clinical research. 

‘There is just not a lot of evidence based literature when it comes to CBD oil, whether it’s beneficial or harmful to the patient,” says MCG’s Dr. Janis Coffin. 

Dr. Coffin explains that CBD derived from industrial hemp is considered a supplement, like vitamins, so it is not regulated by the FDA. Dr. Coffin offers the following advice. 

“If you decide to use CBD oil for a myriad of different things, whether it be for pain, depression, anxiety, for sleep, discuss that with your provider to make sure that it’s not interacting with any of your prescription medications.” 

Watch the video below for more from Dr. Janis Coffin. She gives more advice on how to research CBD products and how to add supplements to your daily routine. 

Olson’s company has locations across the country. He and his wife, as well as their parent company, welcome more regulation for CBD. 

“[Our company] is actually positioning ourself with the USDA to actually implement protocols that could be used across the board for other CBD companies like ours because what we would like is that is safe for everybody,” Olson says. 

More and more stores are opening up and more and more products are showing up in places we shop every day. Olson says as popularity increases, perception changes.

“There are several doctors in the area who have been sending their patients over here,” Olson says. “In some cases even recommending the dose of CBD oil that they should be taking so that’s a really positive thing that they’re more open-minded at looking at CBD as an alternative treatment.” 

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