Augusta, Ga (WJBF) – Augusta commissioners already support the arts in the Heart Festival to the tune of $35,000 a year for security, now commissioners are approving an additional $20,000 to offset the festivals rising costs. 

“The deputies make more money, and we keep adding gates and we’re expanding this year to the 600 block of Broad Street and there will be two additional gates because of that change and so it just is big means expensive,” said Brenda Durant of the Arts in the Heart Festival.  

 Durant said last year the festival spent $52,000 on security expenses and that was with a scaled back event.

 ‘I mean that is across the nation you have costs going up in every area and personnel is one of those costs,” said Commissioner Jordan Johnson.  

 The Augusta Boxing Club says it’s fighting to survive with rising costs and came to the commission requesting $200,000 in Rescue Act funds.  

For the club it was a knockout as commissioners approved $300,000 for the organization. 

“I’m going to put the word out to get more kids off the street and into the program this is great I can take more kids with a new van I can take more kids on trips,” said Boxing Club Director Ray Whitfield.

Commissioners are also giving the go-ahead for the Quick Strike Clean Team program. The program divides   $2.5 million in Rescue Act dollars into four areas.

Maintenance efforts of city right of ways, illegal dumping cleanup, Riverwalk maintenance, and the downtown ACE cleanup program.