Artists says sculpture “Essence of Augusta”


Augusta leaders are suggesting starting all over when it comes to their first big step into public art.

Voting continues on the two finalists for a large 220 thousand dollar sculpture to go at riverwatch and alexander drive.

But commissioners this week suspended all activity on the sculptures saying neither said Augusta.

But one of sculptures is called “Essence of Augusta” and includes an azalea and ribbon of metal, where the artists says reflects many things Augusta including golf.

“A ribbon that is expressive of a river, a crane, a goose a swan it could be the aroma of the perfume of the flower or the essence of the back-swing, and you have to interpret if it’s a left handed back swing or a right handed back-swing it’s open to interpretation,” said artist Gregory Johnson.

The Greater Augusta Arts Council has worked 18 months on this first of three large sculptures approved by voters in 2015, and has spent six thousand dollars.

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