(WJBF) – Artist Addison Niday is on a mission. He’s been doing art for almost 10 years and recently he’s been getting a lot of attention.

“I’ve been restoring these murals that have been lost in the age. Just the old classic murals that I think a lot of people have forgotten about or that has withered away with time and that I think is really important to the community,” said Niday.

Addison’s journey started one day while he was on the way to work.

“Each year I would look at these murals and would say ‘man this is getting more and more faded’ and I always wanted a different artist, I never thought I would be the artist to do it, and nobody ever did and I drove past it, and it was totally gone, the one in Augusta on the bottling company and I said If I don’t do this It’s totally going to go away, nobody’s ever going to know this was here,” said Niday.

The response to his work wasn’t what he was expecting.

“I had the mayor reach out to me and some commissioners and city officials, and they said ‘thanks Addison, you did a really good job,’ and I was like ‘wow, I did not get in trouble for this at all, people really liked it, and people were really sending me love and support, and saying thank you so much for doing this’,” said Niday.

After completing the Coca-Cola Mural in Downtown Augusta on 5th and Reynolds Street, Addison founded the Augusta Mural Restoration Project.

“I had so many people in the community that really fell in love with that idea and they really got behind me and I started a GoFundMe for it, just to offset the cost of paint, because I’m not using cheap paint. This is really high quality, water proof paint, that will hopefully last a really long time,” said Niday.

Through the Augusta Mural Restoration Project, Addison can help people restore their murals to exactly how they once were. Since he’s started he’s restored four Coca Cola Murals with the recent being in Harlem on the side of Main Street Treats.

“I really appreciate it. It’s on the side of our building. I told him I may have to get him to paint Main Street Treats on there for me and spruce that up, too,” said Owner of Main Street Treats, Mark Whitaker.

For Addison, preserving murals of the past are important for the people of today. So, if you’re a business or building owner who needs your mural touched up, he’s got you covered.

“There’s a whole lot more murals that are going to be brought back to life this summer and I’m really excited about it and I hope they are too,” said Niday.