AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Bullets and Bandaids is a veteran-centric, art therapy non-profit focused on healing social barriers between veterans and civilians.

The non-profit does this through a collaborative, touring, art exhibition.

“I interview veterans, and then I hand those interviews off to civilian writers, that then write something based on their own voice, and then I hand that written work, as well as access to the veteran, to a civilian artist, that then creates something based on that,” said Founder and Director, Robert LeHeup.

The stories and artwork are then put in book, and then the group tours in participating cities.

“Bullets and Bandaids” Volume 4 is taking place at Sacred Heart Cultural Center on February 22nd and 23rd from 5pm-9pm.

The group’s focus is bridging the connection between civilians, and veterans.

“The idea that for veterans that come in, the idea that civilians can, in fact, actively listen to their stories, and appreciate them, I think there’s a lot to be said about the dialogue involved. We’ve had several different veterans tear up or flat out cried because they realize that their story is not theirs alone and that’s a fundamental aspect of what we’re trying to do. With the civilian writers and the civilian artists working on these different pieces, we can guarantee not only that the veterans truth can be spoken, but that it will be heard,” said LeHeup.