UPDATE | Arrest made in drive-by murder of 8-year-old Arbrie Anthony

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Arbrie’s family is making sure her legacy lives on through a special dedication.

Arbrie Anthony’s life will forever be remembered right here on the same road where she was shot and killed. Her family as well as members of the community are now dedicating the street to her with this plaque and commissioners could be ready to make it official.

“This right here, lets me know that her death is not gone be in vain,” said Jamila McDaniel, Arberie’s aunt.

The people of the Southside would like to see 3rd Avenue become known as Arbrie Avenue.

“Everybody that loved her, they wanted to do something special. Her family and her friends came up with this idea to make it Arbrie Avenue,” said McDaniel.

Jamila McDaniel Arbrie’s Aunt says that students from Arbrie’s class made these letters. They’ve been laid right in front of Arbrie’s home. McDaniel is hoping the commemoration will bring some much-needed change to the area.

“Yes, it will let people know that this is a safe zone for children. Naming this avenue after her is letting people know the community anybody that come through here with thoughts of doing any wrongdoing, once they see Arbrie avenue they know it stands for child hope safe fun and play,” said McDaniel.

Dogwood Terrace is part of district 2 and commissioner Dennis Williams is speaking out about this tragedy that took place in his district.

“My reaction was pretty much like anybody else’s. A bit surprised but also a little sad too, that this little girl was struck down like that in front of her own home,” said District 2 Commissioner Dennis Williams.

He also says that he is aware of the violent crimes that happen there.

“It’s something that we have to work on, and I also believe that it’s something that won’t be eliminated based on our normal way of life right now,” said Commissioner Williams.

But as for changing 3rd avenue to Arbrie Avenue, he says the family may have to wait a while to make it official.

“Because we have to go back and review all the guidelines in doing such a thing, ” said Commissioner Williams.

Regardless if the name change is made official or not, Jamila says Arbrie has made an impact on this community, that can never be undone.

“I feel like she died for a purpose, her life meant something. Arbrie Anthony is going to change the world and it’s going to start right here with Arbrie Anthony,” said McDaniel.