COLUMBIA COUNTY, GA. (WJBF) – Georgia D-O-T workers continue their work at the I-20/Appling-Harlem interchange. 

The latest work makes it hard for drivers to get on and off of Eastbound I-20 at the interchange – forcing some of them to go to the Pumpkin Center roundabout to turn around.

The saying ‘things will get worse before they get better might be true, and local drivers would agree after experiencing traffic detours here.

It’s been a long two years for drivers in this area as construction continues.  But it’s work G-DOT says is necessary.

“You just gotta pay attention, ‘cause if you make the wrong turn it might be a car coming 55 [mph] and you might be going 35 [mph] and it’s an easy wreck,” local Montre Bradshaw said.

G-DOT says the project started due difficulty seeing and making turns off the I-20 westbound ramp.  

But, it’s the eastbound ramp that is currently blocked off, causing drivers to use the nearby roundabout as a detour. 

“A lot of people not using I-20, that’s because they live on this side of the neighborhood, they definitely have to come this way to get to the interstate. So, it’s kinda, traffic has definitely picked up,” local Willie Harman said.

The busiest times, drivers say, are the evenings between four and five. 

“It does add, uh, maybe an extra 10, 15 minutes onto our route every day– you know– it being 30 minutes already, it’s kind of a– kind of a push,” local Ryus Cody said.

The next milestone for Columbia County will be adding a bridge to the area by the end of September to potentially fix most of the issues. 

“It’s gon’ come together, you just gotta be patient and take one day at a time,” Bradshaw said.

The major Road Work construction is scheduled to be complete by the end of this year.