HEPHZIBAH Ga. (WJBF) – Eddie Faircloth is an antique collector from Hephzibah, Georgia.
He and his wife have made a hobby of collecting all things vintage.

“I’ve always liked all the things from the 50’s. I grew up and went to high school in the late 50’s, early 60’s. I like that music and I like old cars and all the things from that era,” said Eddie.

They’ve collected so much, they now have a barn full of antiques.

“This cupboard belonged to my grandmother…was in the kitchen all my life, and these are some of the things that she cooked with. Here’s and old percolator. Here’s a set of old Tweety Bird and Miss Piggy glasses,” said Eddie.

“About how old do you think those are?”

“I think they’re from the 50’s. I’m not sure,” said Eddie.

“Is this a treasure chest?”

“I wish it was,” said Eddie.

The inside of Eddie’s barn is a tribute to his and his wife’s love of antiques. So, it was only natural for him to want to showcase that love on the outside, as well. His idea? A classic Coke mural on the side of the barn.

“Well, I’ve always liked the old Coke signs and that’s the first soft drink I can remember drinking when I was smaller,” said Eddie.

Eddie’s classic Coke mural isn’t something he could just have anyone do. He had to bring in some family for help.

Eddie’s grandson’s girlfriend, Railee Stockton, is an artist who’s been drawing since a very young age. When she was asked to paint Eddie’s, mural she jumped at the opportunity.

“How long have you been out here?”

“Oh my goodness…about four days,” said Railee.

In total, it took Railee a week to finish the mural.

“I’ve loved it…every single moment of it. It is so exciting. I mean, I love the experience. I absolutely loved it, but it was a challenge. It was definitely a challenge,” said Railee.

Even though it was a challenge for her, the chance to do something for family was everything.

“Family means the world to me. Even more so now that I’ve started my own and when I started spending more time with Granddaddy and his wife. Over time they’ve slowly become a part of my family and impacted me in a way that was absolutely mind-blowing,” said Railee.

Railee has completed the largest art project of her career and would love the chance to do more.

“I would take any chance to be able to show people what I’m really capable of,” said Railee.

The classic Coke mural is up on the barn and it’s safe to say Eddie is pleased with the final product.
If you happen to out in Hephzibah, you may be able to spot the artwork. Just don’t stop to grab a drink.

“If somebody drives by and they ask for a Coke for five cents what are you going to tell them?”

“I’m going to tell them to go to the convenience store, which is about a half mile down the road and see if they’ll sell them one, because I’m sold completely out,” said Eddie.

If you’d like see more of Railee’s work or reach out to her to paint a mural for you, CLICK HERE.