Animal ordinances proposed for Burke County


Animal Owners: CLICK HERE to read the proposed ordinances

Animal services has been a controversial topic for years in Burke County. 

Now, the county has a new director and soon they will have a set of animal ordinances. NewsChannel 6’s Ashley Osborne explains what you need to know about the new rules. 

Jeff Sidel lives in Burke County and says he is in favor of the new animal ordinances. 

“I go to the dumpsters, I see stray animals. I feel bad for them,” Sidel says. “I’ve seen neighbors tie their animals, their dogs, to a tree in the hot summer.”

Joey Fraizer also lives in the county and agrees. He explains why he thinks the county needs the animal services. 

“Everywhere you go there are animals and we’ve got a few people around my way that go out and try and help the dogs, and tries to give them homes and all, but other than that, we’ve got nothing” Fraizer says. 

New Animal Services Director Chaddrick Parrish drafted a set of ordinances. They passed unanimously by commissioners on the first reading. The second and final reading is on April 9th and if they pass, the ordinances will take effect immediately.

The ordinances lay out the legal framework needed to prosecute people who mistreat animals. There are also rules animal owners will need to follow. 

CLICK HERE to read the ordinances. 

County Administrator Merv Waldrop tells me there will be an educational period when their goal will be less about writing citations and more about informing you of the changes. 

Joey Sidel and Jeff Fraizer say the addition to help protect animals is something they stand behind. 

Anything they can do for animals, I’m all in favor for it,” Sidel says. 
“I’m glad to see things moving in the right direction, says Fraizer. 

We also talked to the owner of an animal rescue who says she is excited about the ordinances, but feels this is the first step and there needs to be more steps taken by the county in the future.
The county administrator tells me they need  to make little changes over time instead of drastic ones over night.

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