COLUMBIA COUNTY, Ga. (WJBF ) — “When showing at home you should always stand behind the person if you’re walking into a room or downstairs or anything, never want to be in front of them because that gives them an easy target,” said Raven Martin, realtor.

Martin is thinking a lot these days about being alone in a house with strangers. That’s because of a frightening incident one local realtor reported of being assaulted while showing a home in Aiken last week.

“We as realtors put ourselves at risk anytime we go and show a home. We’re taught to be polite which can be kind of difficult because you don’t want to say something out of the way, to a perspective buyer or anything. ” said Martin.

Martin says realtors typically show up to six homes a day, and oftentimes could be putting themselves in vulnerable situations.

“We don’t do background checks or anything sometime we try to do consultations in the office beforehand but it is hard with people schedules and things and sometimes it’s last minute so we can just go out and meet a stranger so you do put yourself at risk” said Martin

She say showing homes during daylight hours is a good idea.

“There’s more people around and aware if anything were to happen I always say definitely carry a personal an item of personal protection I carry pepper spray it’s easy to keep on your keychain and its there at a moments notice” said Martin

And think, “safety in numbers” by bringing along another person. 

“That creates another safety net i guess you can say  and I feel like that that’s a wonderful idea which is also hard to do because of schedules and availabilities things like that”  said Martin