Amphitheater prompts commissioner tour


Augusta,Ga (WJBF) Last year a majority of Augusta Commissioners were in favor of turning Lake Olmstead Stadium into an amphitheater but this week a majority of them were not in favor of spending 25 million dollars to do it, however a commission committee voting to go visit area amphitheaters, under the feeling it doesn’t hurt to take a look.

Many commissioners are ready to bring the curtain down on the recommendation to spend 22-25 million dollars on a Lake Olmstead Stadium amphitheater , but this week commissioners deciding they need to go on a road trip first.

“I’m in support of going to see what they have the cost of what they are doing but I’m still adamant that we’re not going to spend 25 million dollars,” said Commissioner John Clarke.

The Commissions Administrative Services Committee did not support the minimal plan for Lake Olmstead but instead approved Commissioners Bobby Williams motion go look at other amphitheaters first.

“I think it’s best we look at some up close we we’re trying to say we wanted the minimum, we don’t know exactly what the minimum looks like,” said Commissioner Bobby Williams.

“If we want to go visit that’s fine,I’m not sure that would be a great use of our time there seems to be a lot of other pressing issues than an entertainment venue,” said Commissioner Brandon Garrett.

Tuscaloosa Alabama has an 84 hundred seat amphitheater that cost 18 million dollars so after visiting other venues will commissioners still support spending the minimum at Lake Olmstead?

“I think we can do somewhere between seven and 10 million and get what we want,” said Commissioner Bobby Williams.

“I would say two two and a half million tops,” said Commissioner Clarke.

Commissioner Bobby Williams says one Amphitheater he does want to look at is in Simpsonville South Carolina the Heritage Park Amphitheater built in 2005 and seats 14-thousand customers, in Augusta George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel six.

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