Amphitheater creates opportunity at Lake Olmstead


At Lakes Olmstead Stadium, some Augusta leaders see bigger and better things for the city’s future gathering spot. 

“It will pay for itself. Like I said, Augusta Commons is a piece of property that’s very small, this will be the Augusta Commons on steroids,” says Commissioner Andrew Jefferson. 

The Administrative Services Committee on Tuesday approved Lake Olmstead stadium as the site for a city amphitheater, despite no hard numbers on the future costs.

“That is a place that has phenomenal opportunity to spend quality time with family and friends. I think we should seriously look at it before we do anything else,” says Commissioner Ben Hasan. 

“We have an opportunity to do something big in the form of entertainment, we own the piece of property,” said Commissioner Andrew Jefferson. 

“There’s 3 kind of people in the world: people who can see things happen, some people make things happen and those who said ‘what happened?’ We need to make some things happen with the amphitheater,” says Commissioner Marion Williams. 

But Mayor Pro-Tem Mary Davis said before anything thing happens the city needs to know what it’s getting into. She would like to bring in experts

“I don’t know if it’s best to try and leave it as a sports facility or an amphitheater. I need some really good advice from the experts to show it would be something that it could be used,” said the Mayor Pro-Tem.

“It’s going to be needed and used. I mean, I don’t think you need to bring an expert in to tell you, if you build an amphitheater in Augusta you would use it,” said Commissioner Jefferson. 

“Let’s do a study, maybe let’s see if?”

“We done studied enough, I ain’t studying nothing else. We study every week. We still don’t get anywhere. We go to do something,” said Commissioner Marion Williams. 

The Central Services Department estimated that the cost of getting the stadium in working order could run a half a million dollars, but say they’ll have better numbers the end of the week, and they say the price on a first rate amphitheater could run ten million dollars.

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