American Red Cross donations help with disasters, big and small


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – The American Red Cross stepped in after an Augusta family lost everything in a fire Monday night. It’s the type of thing the organization does every time there is a disaster, big or small.

It was a family of six, made up of a mother and father with four kids, that found themselves without their home just weeks before Christmas. But even though they lost the structure, the Red Cross stepped in immediately to make sure they did not go without, the true definition of giving season.

When the Executive Director of Harrisburg’s Turn Back the Block organization learned about the house fire across the street, she decided to help.

“We have our eyes on all of the houses here,” Lauren Dallas, Turn Back the Block Executive Director said. “And it’s just devastating to hear about something so sad that can happen this time of year.” She added, “I love Harrisburg and all of the people that live in this neighborhood. When I heard about their story I thought I have two small children. What can I do to help these small children during Christmas time and right around their birthday?

Four children ages seven, three, and two and a six-month-old along with their parents lost everything during a Monday night fire on the 1900 block of Telfair Street. Relatives said all made it out OK, including the family dog after a fire started in the kitchen.

Now, just a few weeks before Christmas this family has nothing. It’s a dim reminder of how disaster can strike at a moment’s notice.

Dallas said, “Our mission is to revitalize the neighborhood and, so hopefully, in some way we can help this family bounce back this Christmas.

While Turn Back the Block plans to help, the American Red Cross stepped in right away, providing basic needs for the family, such as a hotel and clothing. The organization reports a case worker will help with the recovery process in the next few weeks and focus on assisting the small children.

“Everyone can help in some way whether it is finding out some resources you can give them. Maybe giving them a dinner. Maybe looking in your closet and seeing what your children don’t play with anymore. What clothes they need, what shoe sizes they need. Everyone needs shoes and socks. If we can all come together and help this family I think it can make a big difference,” Dallas said.

The children have the following needs:

Male – 6-months-old – 6-9 months clothing

Female – 2-years-old – 3T clothing/6c or 7 shoes

Male – 3-years-old – 4T clothing/8 or 9 shoes

Female – 7-year-old- 7 or 8 clothing/1 or 2 shoes

But the family’s neighbor wants to remind everyone that we all can give back.

The Red Cross helps out families whether the disaster is big or small. Those donations translate to blankets, meals, baby supplies and even vaccines. To find out how you can help the Red Cross during this Giving Tuesday or any day, click here. You can also call (800) RED CROSS.

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