American figures take on North Augusta for City Council Election


“North Augusta for the last few years has had a very low turn out of voter participation. We want to see a great turn out today,” says Allen Lafavor, Constitution Party Treasurer. 

“I think the heart of our civic duties starts in minor elections,” Jane Leverett, who is dressed as the Statue of Liberty.

Usually off cycle elections are brushed under the rug by voters. Today, a group of people dressed as Uncle Sam, The Statue of Liberty, Betsy Ross, and Captain America are making sure that doesn’t happen.

The figures called themselves the ‘Patriot Patrol’. They hit the streets in the community at 7am and will be on the road until 7pm- when the polls close. They are giving civic lessons and also making sure people exercise their right to make a difference. 

“Minor elections are important, because all the politics are local. You have more direct access to your local politician than you do to your state or federal representative.” Captain America dress up. 

Although it was one of the hottest days in April– the group wanted to make a statement. the community response helped the impact they envisioned. 

“Some people perhaps were not even aware that there was an election today and wanted more info on polls and where to go. Other people were all in and just waving, because they had voted and were excited to see us out,”  says Jane Leverett. 

Volunteers are also helping out the ‘Patriot Patrol’ by standing on the side of the streets holding signs. 

“They don’t have Uncle Sam outfits, but we have volunteers placed at almost each polling place. And we’re available to take people to the polls,” says Allen Lafavor

The group is taking people to the polls in a decked out 1992 Cadillac called the “Patriot Mobile”– a strategy to get high participation. 

“Get out and vote! It’s your right as an American and something that’s meant to do and take advantage of it,” says Allen Lafavor.

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