AME Church leader disappointed after meeting with corporate executives


AUGUSTA, GA (WJBF)- Georgia AME Episcopal church leaders met with some Georgia-based corporate executives to discuss state’s recent voting law change.

The district intended to boycott several Fortune 500 companies based in the Peach State for not taking a stand against the laws.

“Disappointing is an understatement. Let’s say we are not happy at all that they did not show up,” said Bishop Reginald Jackson.

After scheduling a meeting with several Georgia-based companies, AME Bishop Reginald Jackson says the gathering had limited attendance.

He explained, “Home Depot, UPS, AT&T, Southern, those companies did not participate.” Said Jackson.

Jackson only mentioned Coca-Cola as in attendance. 

“We lifted up four items that we wanted the corporations to agree to support,” said Jackson.

Those items include expressing opposition to Georgia’s new election law. 

“We all know what this cancel culture, and this woke mentality is doing to this country. It is totally against the will of the people. Two-thirds of the entire nation wants secure elections,” said Congressman Rick Allen.

Some words used in Tuesday’s meeting with Georgia company executives raised an eyebrow for Jackson.

He said, “One of the words which was used a number of times was security. And it alarms us because security is a word used often by those who are the sponsors of this legislation.”

AME Church leaders are also hoping companies will show support of the For the People Act or HR 1.

“If you pass HR 1, all you’re going to do is create an atmosphere in the election system, it’s going to be federalized and it’s going be about who can out corrupt who. I mean it’s going to be a race to corruption. Why would we want that,” Allen questioned.

“This is not a Democratic or Republican issue. This is not partisan. This is a non-partisan issue, said Jackson.

Bishop Jackson added the boycott against Georgia-based companies is in limbo but a decision might be made by Friday.

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