Ambulance service contract divides city leaders


Commissioner Marion Williams still wants to know where does Augusta and Gold Cross stand when it comes to a new ambulance contract. 

“It’s past due George, we should have done this a long time ago, taxpayers are not being treated fairly we don’t have a contract,” says Commissioner Marion Williams.

There are proposals on the table, Gold Cross saying it will not stand in the way of having Augusta once again, being the ambulance zone provider for the city.

Also, being negotiated a new subsidy for Gold Cross, somewhere in the 650 thousand dollar range Gold Cross says with the subsidy it would lower transport fees to what Augusta charges. 

 “I’m looking for a deal for our individual citizens what’s it’s going to cost us to do an ambulance ride for any particular individual,” says Commissioner Bobby Williams. 

 “A subsidy would help the people that are unable to pay it will also help people n middle income brackets retirement,” says Commissioner John Clarke. 

Last Fall a Superior  Court Judge de-railed Augusta’s  efforts to take over the ambulance zone when it ruled the process had not been fair and needed to start over.

The state is appealing that decision and some commissioners want to see the legal process run its course.

 “We should wait to get the ruling from the appeals court before anything is done I’m not in favor of the subsidy how can I give you 600 thousand dollars a head of time,” says Commissioner Dennis Williams.  

 “I totally disagree with that the people are suffering,” says Commissioner Marion Williams.

 The Public Safety Committee  briefly  discussing  the ambulance contract this afternoon before setting it aside  because the city’s ambulance subcommittee will be sitting down with Gold Cross officials Thursday for contract negotiations.

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