Ambulance questions stall action


Fire Chief Chris James telling commissioners  it’s about the city providing the best service possible to residents in the case of an emergency, and that the city will bill patients for the service, some city leaders are not in support of that. 

“We purchased that fire equipment and ambulance equipment with fire department money it belongs to the city the taxpayers of Augusta we’re going to buy ambulances with tax payers money then charge tax payers for picking them up,” said Commissioner Marion Williams.

“There’s still  a lot of questions and I think there’s a lot of concerns about some of the details in the RFP so there needs to be a lot more conversation, says Mayor Pro-Tem Mary Davis. 

The city has put out a  request for proposals  to  o ambulances companies to work with the city to provide service if the city is awarded the zone 

But commissioner Wayne Guilfoyle says Chief James met with the companies before the request for proposals  went out and Guilfoyle believes any company that was contacted is out as a possible city partner. 

Should those companies not be allowed to bid then?”

 “Oh they can’t you got state rules procurement Geri is not going to let that happen first of all,” said Guilfoyle referring to Procurement Director Geri Sams. 

Chief James saying yes he did  talked to ambulance companies and and others governments to prepare the request but no rules were violated. 

You can’t do that without talking to someone who is  doing it and knows that business we don’t know whose going to apply we haven’t talked to anyone since the RFP went out,” said Chief James.  

Chief James told Commissioners in the last month the city has transported 36 patients in city ambulances. but didn’t bill a one because there no way to do it. 

Commissioners with a lot more questions did not take up setting the  rates and instead at the mayors direction agree to hold a work session on the ambulance issues

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