AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Augusta commissioners appeared to be in a rush to approve a new contract with Gold Cross for ambulance service.

But city leaders are hitting the brakes for more study.

“None of the commissioners got anything until about six o’clock disappointed yes, surprised no,” said Commissioner John Clarke.

The proposed contract prepared by city staff addresses issues like a minimum number of ambulances, response time standards, and financial penalties if those standards are not met. 

At the end of the day, we need a contract that holds Gold Cross to the accountability standards we need to have and of course this will cause for a particular increase which we have not determined what that is,” said Commissioner Alvin Mason.

The proposed contract from the city does not include a dollar amount for increasing the city’s subsidy to Gold Cross but commissioners saying that’s not a top priority.

“I think our first and foremost responsibility is to make sure that response times are appropriate and there is a sense of accountability and those kinds of things are in place,” said Commissioner.

“I don’t think we’re even at a point to talk about money right now when you have so many complaints about the quality of service let’s deal with the quality of service then we’ll come back and talk about money,” said Commissioner Jordan Johnson. 

But for Gold Cross the more the city wants in terms of performance the more the service is going to cost.

“We can’t agree to a subsidy till we have the numbers in place, so everything is a numbers game,” said Commissioner John Clarke.

And for commissioners the numbers for a new ambulance contract are not adding up.

Commissioners did vote to hold a work session on the new ambulance contract later.