Allegations surface against Augusta Commissioner Sammie Sias

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AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF) – NewsChannel 6 has obtained a letter of termination against the Jamestown Community Center’s Summer Program Director Willa Hilton as well as her response accusing Commissioner Sammie Sias of several wrongdoings.

The termination letter is dated July 22, 2019 and signed by Sandridge Community Association, Inc President Dr. Jacqueline Fason.

Among the accusations, the letter accuses long time employee Hilton of failing to supervise, and mistreating, students.

It also accuses Hilton of “filing a false, untruthful and retaliatory report with the Augusta DFACS concerning a child at the summer camp.”

In response, Hilton writes that Sias “kept alcohol at the center to consume when needed.”

She also says Sias is “nasty to people who come to the center.”

Hilton says, “he thinks he owns the center. He always refer to everything as ‘Mine’ meaning it is his.”

She goes on to accuse Sias of sexual harassment stating in the letter that he had a blow up bed with new gray paisley sheets in the conference room.

Hilton claims that she was called disparaging names upon resisting his advances.

She also explains, “he wanted to come to my house and his wife is next door.”

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You can read the full letter below or by clicking HERE

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