All things green: Hundreds gather for the Augusta St. Patty’s Day parade


March 17th: A day the CSRA does not hold back. Between a green fountain and green beer, restaurants and bars open earlier to make each St. Patrick’s Day better than the last. 
Wendall and Cathy Freeman of Martinez have come to the parade for decades…and always dress the part. 

“I enjoy the people coming out and wearing green, and the Irish families, floats and the Irish traditions,” Wendall said.

But the Freemans have a purpose behind their love for the holiday: “My mother’s family’s side has a lot of Irish blood in them. I believe my father does as well… I am claiming it anyway.”

Tyler Maloy is 100% Irish. He chose not watch the parade this year, but he told us he used to be in it every year. 

“My great grandparents came over on a boat. I have been here ever since, and my family has been here ever since,” Maloy explained. “I still have family over there South of Dublin.”

Maloy said even in America, when he was younger his family would celebrate their Irish heritage: “We would all get together, get drunk and eat typical corn beef and cabbage and other meals.”

The Freeman’s told me they have experienced Savannah’s St. Patrick’s Day celebration as well. 

“With the huge parade and the river turning green, it is just something that is really unique,” Wendall said. “I am proud that they do it in Savannah, and it is close enough that we can run down and see it every now and then, but I am really proud of what we do here in Augusta.”

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