“All In Augusta” campaign collaborates with millenials to enhance downtown


Augusta will be all in by 2025.

“All In Augusta” is a five year campaign to attract millenials to the downtown landscape.

Chair for “All In Augusta” and former Mayor, Deke Copenhaver, says, “‘All In Augusta’ campaign is a five year 6 million dollar capital campaign with the goal of making Augusta more of a tourist destination.

Augusta has it’s attractions, yes, but Copenhaver and says it’s about milennial retention.

“In order to do that, you have to ask that generation, ‘what is going to keep you here?’ and ‘what is going to bring your friends here?'” says Copenhaver.

He and his team are collaboration with local milennials for a happy medium.
Executive Director of Westobou Festival, Kristi Jilson, says, “it was important to have the opinion of a young person, a young leader who could see what Augusta was and what it could be.”

What it could be is extending the Augusta Common to the Riverfront, which will create a new platform to allow more festivals and events, bringing the community together.

“There’s $450,000 there in seed money. We are looking to roll that out for an international soul festival, which would allow us to bring on professional management, we are looking to roll that out next year,” says Copenhaver.

Some things you might see coming soon are connectivity of trails, golf cart tours, and even a sculpture garden.

“We have to show, you know tangible, results from the plan. Hopefully the sculpture garden will be in there before too long, but that’s what’s important to me is that it’s not a plan that just sits on it’s shelf,” says Copenhaver.

It’s funded by the private sector with 1.1 million dollars in pledges arlready raised.

Milennials say they look back on history to be a part of it.

“That’s what ‘All In Augusta’ I think is all about. It’s the story that we’re telling. How can we enhance what we already have and how can we grow as a community. Culturally, socially, economically,” says Jilson.

If you would like to learn more or be a part of the campaign, you can head to AllInAugusta.com.

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