Airport seeks guidance on Coronavirus as Masters approaches


Augusta,Ga (WJBF) Always an exciting busy time here at Augusta Regional Airport the lead up to the Masters tournament, of course this is the first tournament where the CDC is is expressing concerns about mass gatherings and concerns about a Coronavirus pandemic.

Augusta Regional Airport,it’s where many a Masters visit kicks off.

“First place many of the visitors see as they come into the Masters we take that very seriously and we’re excited to be able to do it again this year,” said Davis Beman, Chairman of the Augusta Aviation Commission.

But a mask wearing TSA agent at Augusta Regional shows this is a different year. as the Masters approaches.

“Obviously this thing has moved fast especially the last couple of days in our countries in our country and some west European Countries,” said Augusta Regional Airport Executive Director Herbert Judon.

The Coronavirus did not come up at this airport meeting, 39 days before the Masters but but Airport officials are looking for guidance on how to deal with it.

“We’ve reached out to the CDC we have not heard back from them yet we want to talk with them as well to see if specific guidance anytime of quarantine or review protocols put in place,” said Judon.

The airport does as much business Masters week that it normally does in a month, there are hundreds hundreds of private aircraft.

But airport officials say those flying internationally would not come straight the airport unchecked.

“There are customs and entry points into the country they would have to stop at so these are places people would typically be screened,” said Judon.

The Airport will be seeing a lot of passages in a few short weeks, and that will likely include some who have had contact with the Corona virus.

“We expect folks healthy or sick who will want to come to the Masters, many coming for the first time and they don’t want to turn down that opportunity,” said Chairman Beman.

But right now the airport is going through its normal Masters week preparations those preps could take a U-turn depending on what the CDC has to say in Augusts George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel six.

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