Aiken’s City Council is looking at where to spend its sales tax money


AIKEN, S.C. (WJBF) —- The City of Aiken is funding various projects approved by Aiken County, under the Capital Sales Tax. Council members are discussing what plans they want to prioritize.

“As the best small town in the south, we want to make sure we stay that way,” said Mayor Rick Osbon.

Aiken County allocated more than $50,911,000 for the City of Aiken. It will pay for improvements for infrastructure, public safety, and recreation.

“Once the items are paid for the CPST goes away, that’s why you have to renew it; we are on our fourth one. Or there is is a sunset after seven years,” explained Mayor Osbon.

Two notable projects on the list, are relieving congestion on Whiskey road and adding sidewalks. That work will cost around $6,500,000.

“We already starting some design work for it,” said Mayor Osbon. “We are going to move forward with this project, and we will find the funding for it. It’s just too important to our citizens and our city.”

The Mayor for the All -America city says these projects are important because they address current needs.

“We’ve applied for the infrastructure bank; throughout the capital project sales tax, we have our portion to of a match to do that,” said Osbon. “We’re excited about moving forward that process. That’s a priority for us.”

The capital sales tax will also help pay to replace public safety equipment. It will cover improvements at the Smith-Hazel Recreation Center. It will also go toward the stormwater system.

“I think we all agree they are important projects for us,” explained Mayor Osbon. “I would also like to see want is putting off to do in year three, year five, and year seven.”

Monday was the first hearing and public meeting. Council members will have to vote on the second recording for the new ordinance to take effect.

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