Aiken to see increase in Water and Sewer


 “Many of our pipes are over 50 years-old. Some of them are 100 years-old. We’ve had leaks and that has caused a problem with the water supply and it needs to be remedy,” says Edward Giobbe who lives in Aiken. 

The City Council will meet Monday night to talk about the budget. One thing they’re considering to bring in more money — raising the water and sewer rates.

City manager, Stuart Bedenbaugh says, if the higher rates are approved, people living in Aiken could see their sewer bills increase 32 centes a month, and water bills would go up 27 cents a month.

“Y’know the cost of operating a water system… those cost tend to raise. The chemicals we have to put in there, the work we have to do to maintain the infastructure and the pipes,”  says Stuart Bedenbaugh City Manager.

Taking these factots  into consideration now to avoid any issues later. 

“This helps us stay ahead of that curve.”

Det Haislip lives in and owns a busniess in aiken. he says he supports raising the rates.

 “I think they need to increase the price, then they just need to increase the price.”

Especially for the sake of clean water

“Water is a very valuable asset for this community and to have plenty of it… you gotta pay for it. There is all kind of maintaince for it before it gets to us through the tap here.”

Giobbe also agrees and says if the increase helps cover maintenance, it’s better to do it now.

“If people have to pay more to do it than,  we have to do it. Can’t postpone it.”

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