AIKEN, Sc (WJBF)- Short term rentals like Air BNB’s  have become popular over the years in the city of Aiken—but the city has never put an ordinance in place.

Now, city council members are addressing the matter. 

“Because we’re getting complaints people have concerns and we do know they’re just popping up typically for most municipalities right now and just like most municipalities we’re just trying to get a head of the curve instead of being so reactionary” said Marya Moultrie, planning director for City of Aiken.

So what could this mean for those who own Air bnb’s ?

Short-term rentals are anything under 30 days. Moultrie says uncontrolled STR’s can have livability impact in neighborhoods.

She says that’s especially true in the single-family homes downtown.

If this ordinance Is put in place, Airbnb owners will need an STR permit. She says this ordinance will be city wide, but depending on the zoning district the STR will be controlled differently.

“At this particular junction we do not have any sort of short term rental ordinance so this is truly a first step just to start the discussion and figure out what our next steps are” said Moultrie.

 Moultrie says they also want to create a stakeholder taskforce to review any proposed STR ordinance before approval.

“we have a lot of different stakeholders so we want to make sure that people actually have the opportunity to say you know what their concerns are and begin to hopefully to draft something that would really work for the city of Aiken “

Moultrie says this ordinance is just to make sure short term rental properties are running smoothly throughout the city of Aiken- this will be further discussed at the next work session