AIKEN, S.C. (WJBF) – The Aiken Thunder Bowlers is a Special Olympics, special needs program, and right now they’re preparing for the State Fall Games in Myrtle beach.

“It is our Fall game, it is our yearly big game for the whole state, so we have 16 areas that actually come to this game,” said Coach Amy Ingram.

While the bowlers can be competitive at the end of the day its all about having a good time.

“I want them to protect each other I want them to support each other. All of them support each other, all of them are cheering everyone on, and it’s just a family,” said Ingram.

“Bowling is a good sport because they have five minutes of activities and then they have twenty minutes of conversation. When someone gets a spare, or a strike, everyone cheers. It’s just a real loose atmosphere and a good time,” said Coach Carl Rapp.

While practicing the Aiken Thunder Bowlers were wearing their medals from previous games and they were more than happy to show them off.

Where did you get all these medals from?

“From the Special Olympics Tournaments in Greenville and in Myrtle Beach and the USA Games in Orlando Florida,” said Bowler, Justin Osmundsen.

Are these all for bowling?

“Pretty good, yeah” said Justin.

Do you think you could give me some tips?

“Yeah, just throw it down the middle,” said Justin.

The Aiken Thunder Bowlers are ready to go for the gold and they appreciate the community supporting them.

“If it wasn’t for everyone that helps us put these teams together, the athletes and all their dedication of just doing and supporting the whole community, whether they are in there or not, the community is great,” said Ingram.

Any encouraging words for your team mates?

“Good Luck and I hope we do real well over there,” said Justin.

The Special Olympics State Fall Games for South Carolina are happening September 22-24th.