AIKEN, S.C. (WJBF) — Aiken Regional Medical Centers recognized one of its employees on Thursday for saving a co-worker’s life following a heart attack.

Radiologic Technologist Steven Turner went into cardiac arrest while at work, according to the hospital, but appeared to be asleep while sitting in his chair. Danny Granade, III, an Aiken Regional employee with the Radiology Department, was walking by and saw that his co-worker was unconscious. Assessing the situation, he didn’t think his co-worker’s behavior was normal, so he went up to Turner to check on him, according to a spokesperson for the hospital.

Looking closer, Granade noticed signs of a possible cardiac arrest and immediately initiated a code.

Aiken Regional hospital leadership recognized Granade in a special ceremony, pointing out that his quick response saved his teammate’s life.

The recognition that Granade received, the “Great Catch” distinction, is awarded monthly by Aiken Regional Medical Centers and is usually given to an employee following an event or circumstance that could have been harmful to a patient but was averted because of quick action.

Here, a hospital spokesperson pointed out, Granade’s “Great Catch” was also a great save due to his timely intervention and knowledgeable response.

Turner, Granade’s co-worker whose life was saved, has since then been released from the hospital, and joined Granade, embracing him, during this special recognition by hospital faculty and staff. Friends and family members were also present.