AIKEN, S.C. (WJBF) – Some people who live in Aiken started their day off with coffee and conversation.

Tuesday morning, police officers with the Aiken Department of Public Safety took some time out of their normal schedules to talk with people in the community over a cup of coffee.

“It’s an open dialogue,” said Sgt. Jermayne Waltower of the Aiken County Department of Public Safety. “They can come and speak to us about anything they want.”

It was a chance for people to get to know the officers, ask questions and tell them of any community concerns.

“If you have a situation in your community and you want somebody to know about it, an event like this is where you can come and talk to the officers and let them know,” said Braun Pruitt, who lives in Aiken. “Maybe they’re not aware of things going on in your community.”

The Pruitts say they have been engaging in an open dialogue with law enforcement for thirty years.

“Our first interaction was with Michael Hunt when he was with Aiken Public Safety,” said Pruitt. “He’s now the Sheriff here in Aiken.”

Braun says one thing they made sure to do today was to congratulate Captain Aaron Dobbs, who he knew when he was a patrol officer.

“He’s a captain,” said Pruitt. “Proud of him.”

Sergeant Waltower tells us he enjoys moments like this because it offers a chance for people to feel more comfortable about law enforcement.

“If they need someone to speak with or if they need someone to come out and just do different things in the community,” said Sgt. Waltower. “That’s why it’s important.”

The Pruitts say they appreciate still having these memorable experiences with officers like they did decades ago.

“We asked him would he come by with his patrol car,” said Braun Pruitt. “And he came by, put our son in and went around the circle with the siren going.”

“I like to tell them ‘thank you’ for taking time out to be with us,” said Vicki Pruitt. “And I would like to tell the community to come out and support public safety.”