AIKEN, Sc (WJBF)- With another mass shooting making headlines across the country,  the Aiken Department of Public Safety is making sure people in the community know what to do in case they find themselves in a situation with an active shooter. This is part of their “Civilian Response to active shooters” training course  and it is free for anyone who wants to learn.

“The training is all about what to do in the event of one of these terrible disasters and how they should respond we also offer this training out to other agencies businesses church group’s anybody who may need it” Sgt. Joe O’Conor, Community service division ADPS.

Sergeant O’conor says this training is not just to learn about protecting yourself in the event of an active shooter attack… in fact the safety precautions being taught can apply to other violent attacks. 

“No not to hesitate if you hear something you need to react the longer you sit and do nothing the worst it’s gonna be a time as of the essence try to avoid the attackers step one get out whatever you need to do after that it’s hide and then last case scenario  defend yourself.”

He says in the end you want to make sure your safety comes first in any situation you’re in because it can save your life and others around you.

“Well you never know you what may happen tomorrow whether it be bus accident or anything else you never know what the future holds So it’s always good to be prepare and that’s that’s what this is all about.”