AIKEN COUNTY, S.C. (WJBF) – “We spent a lot of time doing the site work as y’all recall we really shorten the amount of time as the construction crews get us in the building and that meant there’s going to be a lot of backing because if we’re rushing something then we have to come back in and get it addressed,” said Corey Murphy, Chief Officer of Operations.

Four Aiken County school construction projects are on schedule to be completed.

The Aiken High School auditorium, Hammond Hill elementary, and Wagner Salley are all finishing up renovations, with highland springs middle school students walking into their new school.

“Our last inspection was pushed back due to a weather related as well as a fire alarm issue so will anticipate into being in that building around mid October,” said Murphy

The Aiken County schools maintenance department is also looking at adding more employees.

“Waterline breaks if the school doesn’t have water we have to get a back up out there we have to dig holes and we have to get down there and it just takes a lot of time and it’s very labor-intensive,” said Tim Yarborough, Director of maintenance.

While in the process of building new schools and renovating old ones, school leaders say their goal is to make sure students and staff are comfortable.

“We’re going to dedicate not only the cafeteria and the technology lab that we just completed but also the new two-story edition that we had it last year” said Murphy.