AIKEN, Co (WJBF)- Seniors took their big step Friday walking across the stage on their way to the next journey.

More than 200 Aiken High seniors earned their diplomas ,that school’s class of 2022 also earned more than $15 million in scholarships.

The class’s salutatorian says being a graduating senior in the midst of a pandemic helped her to grow.

“I think i really learn how to communicate better and I’ve gotten way better with my social skills and how to ask for what I need and make sure I have what I need” said  Victoria Colon- Laborde, Aiken High salutatorian.

And even parents are overjoyed, waiting for this moment for 18 years.

“It’s symbolic it’s like the end of something and the beginning of something “ said Allison LaBorde, parent.

Aiken high valedictorian Laura Huff says she too is excited to take on the real world with one big lesson she has learned.

“That everyone comes from different life situations and that you need to take that into mind with how you interact with people to make sure you don’t offend anyone and to make sure that you give everyone the respect they’re do” said Laura Huff, Aiken High valedictorian.

Wagener-Salley High School seniors also said goodbye to high school Friday.  They say even though it was a long journey they learned some valuable lessons going into adulthood.

“That procrastination is your worst enemy” said Trinity Ables, Wagner-Salley high graduate.

“Taking away that I can do anything if I push myself” said Yalanna Ferrer, Wagner-Salley high graduate.

And in the end ….

“Always bee good to people, do your best, try your best and do what you can do “ said Ayreanna Wood, Wagner Salley high graduate.