Aiken County Council members remember South Carolina representative Ronnie Young


State representative and former county council chairman, Ronnie Young lost his battle with cancer over the weekend.

NewsChannel 6 reporter, Devin Johnson spoke with members of the Aiken County Council, where Young spent two decades as chairman.

The next chairman after Young’s election to the state house Gary Bunker told Devin, he is trying to keep his mentor’s legacy alive. 

“I greatly appreciate the time he spent with me and his patience,” said Bunker. “When I got on council, he had been on for over a decade. For me, it was entirely a new thing.”

Aiken County’s Chairman says Ronnie Young’s death is a tremendous loss for Aiken.

He says his colleague’s passion was industrial development, some of Young’s efforts included bringing in Bridgestone and playing a role to create the Sage Mill Industrial Park. 

“He was instrumental in the three rivers authority,” explained Bunker. “In many ways, he far-sighted about looking forward to the needs of our county.”

Aiken’s County Administrator Clay Killian wasn’t available to talk on camera but was quick to tell Devin in a conversation; he recalls Ronnie Young of having a servant’s heart in public life when serving on the school board, county council and many boards and commissions in Aiken County. 

“When he passed away he was a state representative, representing District 84,” said Bunker. “We very much enjoyed having a state representative who had such a great feel for the needs of local government.”

Young received the Order of Palmetto, just before passing away. The honor is the highest civilian honor in the state.

Both Bunker and Killian told Devin, Young was a quiet leader, always working behind the scenes to get things accomplished.

“He was a man of few words when he spoke, people listened,” explained Bunker. “Because of that, he was tireless in his devotion to Aiken County. Most people would say he was the nicest fellows they ever met.”

A funeral service will be at the Christian Heritage Church on Friday, May 24th, at 11 am.

A spokesperson for South Carolina votes says a special election for Young’s seat for the 84th district will be held once the speaker of the house announces a date.

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