AIKEN, S.C. (WJBF) — The empty lot the land near Whiskey and Dougherty Roads could soon house a multi-family complex with amenities. Council agreed to annex the land, an intersection that some say is already far too busy. The City Manager, Stuart Bedenbaugh says developers are trying to address that.

“I agree the location is convenient for school, jobs, and retail,” said Marsha Hopkins. “But with all the problems mentioned, it baffles me this area received an A-plus rating from a statewide agency for affordable housing.”

“They also will construct what we’re calling right now the Owens Street extension that would terminate into the portion of the Pawnee/Nielson Connector,” said Bedenbaugh.

Council-Members want the developers to take steps to make sure vehicle and pedestrian traffic flows smoothly.

“I think this development is satisfied with Aiken’s first time to take a stand and say we are going to do that,” said a representative for Woodford Trace SC LLC. “We the developers stepped up into this case to provide everything that was requested, sidewalks, and everything from infrastructure. I would invite some of the neighboring businesses to offer the same.”

As the project moves forward, Woodford Trace says their priority is to be a good neighbor.

“The traffic problem that already exists: what we are proposing works to fix some of that issue. It’s not going to everything.”