AIKEN, S.C. (WJBF)-“I cannot sit here and allow the AMDC to take the full blame for what has transpired we counsel shares in that blame,” said Lessie Price , Council Member.

The Aiken Municipal Development committee had several resignations in June. Now, the city council is considering amending The membership guidelines. 

“The AMDC per request we should abolish it maybe that might be it but the most important thing is you can’t abolish the AMDC as long as they have assets those assess needs to be turned over to a city ” said Rick Osborn, Mayor of Aiken.

Aiken City Council had its first round of discussion, hearing from citizens who expressed their concerns about abolishing the AMDC

“Unless you can assure us that is commission is getting abolished and you’re not just changing the numbers to yourself which is the way this reads it’s disturbing to me,” said Kelly Cornelius, lives in Aiken. 

“You know I believe that we should abolish the AMDC But I’m also quite concerned as the citizens here tonight about what happens after that,” said Valorie who lives in South Aiken.

 The AMDC owns several historic properties in Aiken, it’s unclear what could happen to those developments. 

Right now, council-members say they don’t have a plan. 

“We really don’t have a choice on how to proceed to dissolve the AMDC and I’m going to tell you meet as one council-member my ultimate goal is to dissolve the AMDC,” said Andrea Gregory , council member.