Agencies country-wide pay respects at Investigator Ridley’s funeral


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)- A large police presence from all over the country honored Investigator Cecil Ridley this morning.

Agencies contributed what they could to the ceremony.

There are agencies from Texas, all the way to New York that came to Warren Baptist Church to pay their respects to Investigator Cecil Ridley. They call themselves the Brotherhood For the Fallen.

Sgt. LN Westmoreland with Dekalb County Police Department, says, “even though he worked for another agency, he’s still part of our family and we go to show support to the law enforcement agency that lost the officer and to the officer’s family.”

Elvis Alcivar with New York Police Department’s Ceremonial Unit, says, “I dropped everything. I actually left my family and my kids behind in order to do this event.”

Officers locally and from all over the country lined the courtyard in honor of a fallen brother in blue.

“I enjoy coming here to help out and be there for the family and support our brothers and sisters to give them some kind of support that you’re not alone,” says Alcivar.

Alone was the last thing that could have been displayed at the ceremony.

With agencies from Dekalb County, all the way to Sufton County in New York, chapters from the brotherhood of the fallen was there to help.

“There’s four of us. Two are from the ceremony unit and two are from the department itself,” says Alcivar. “Me and my partner actually run the funeral, and the other two officers are from the brotherhood, and, I believe, they offer the family some kind of funds to help with the burials and other expenses.”

“It is me and then I have four units from the motor unit that will ride in the escort with the other motors to the funeral site,” says Sgt. Westmoreland.

Texas, Chicago, New York, South Carolina… No matter the division of state lines, their representation from across the country at Investigator Cecil Ridley’s funeral means the world.

“To make it simple, we are just here to support our brothers and sisters throughout the states and countries. It’s a tragic event, but we are just here to help with the burden,” says Alcivar.

NYPD’s Ceremonial Unit says that jet blue fully funds their trips in times of need. They say that after this ceremony, they’ll be going home to their own families.

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