After allegations Commission attempts to make Jamestown off limits to Commissioner


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Augusta Commissioners did not go as far as to retake the operation of the Jamestown Community Center back from the Sand Ridge Community Association. However, Commissioners did say they want Commissioner Sammie Sias to stay away from the Jamestown Community Center while the investigations unfold.

It’s what city leaders want to see happen at Jamestown, investigations into the alleged misuse of tax money and the mistreatment of summer campers.

“We had to protect the children,and we got to investigate the situation of what happened here on the alleged claims of what we’ve been sent,” said Mayor Pro-Tem Sean Frantom.

Commissioner Sammie Sias says he’s pleased by the call for an investigation but says this is more than just concerns over allegations.

“There’s been an atmosphere, fostered to throw things towards Jamestown, for quite a while maybe we could put all that to rest. That’s the real issue,” said Commissioner Sias.

Although for city leaders, the real issue is Sias’ involvement at Jamestown. Something Commissioners voted to end.

“That Commissioner Sammie Sias would be removed from the operations, management, and maintenance of the Jamestown Community Center,” said Mayor Hardie Davis.

“Clearly it states that he’s not to go to the center that he is to leave the management to someone else that he’s not to be involved,” said Commissioner Bobby Williams.

“It said management, operations, and maintenance something like that I’m okay with that,” said Commissioner Sias.

“You going to stay away then?”

Commissioner Sias responded, “Is that what it said, are you asking me could I go out in the park and fly a kite?”

“Should he show up again at Jamestown?”

“No, no he’s been taken away from Jamestown,” responded Commissioner John Clarke.

Between Augusta leaders, there’s a disagreement on the level of Sias’ involvement at Jamestown. The involvement of those interested in the accusation has grown to include the FBI, which has requested city financial records.

“It’s concerning because it means it’s serious in their minds if they would do that type of investigation there’s no telling what’s going to happen when they come into your house,” said Mayor Pro-Tem Frantom.

Commissioners also want the GBI to investigate the Jamestown issues. Special Agent Pat Morgan said once a formal request is in hand, the GBI will want to sit down and meet with city leaders. After that, Morgan said they’ll go from there.

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