AFCEA’s third annual Cyber Symposium kicks off


Cyber training was open for the public today at the Augusta Marriott. AFCEA International held a conference to kick off their two day cyber program.

This is the third annual Cyber Education Research Training Symposium or commonly known as CERTS. Educators, government leaders, and industry members from around the US are here in Augusta for this program.

President and CEO of AFCEA International, Robert Shea, says, “cyber is not something that is unique to the Department of Defense. It’s something that is involved in our day-to-day lives.”

AFCEA took the opportunity to teach the public specific cyber skills the current workforce demands.

Executive Vice President of AFCEA International, Bob Wood, says, “there are so many vacancies and openings in the cyber workforce as the needs increase for cyber security.”

Beyond military members, AFCEA International opened the symposium to the public.

Shea says because of past history, certain industries have joined to educate a new audience.

“The Russian involvement in the elections a couple years back and the continuing concern about that going forward highlights the concern that cyber is something in everybody’s interest that we know we’ve got a workforce in a user community,” says Shea.

Training included cyber security technicalities. They had teachers via video stream and those who were in the classroom.

As we know, Augusta is slowly becoming the cyber capital of the country which is why AFCEA International continues to educate in the CSRA.

“If you look at what’s going on at Fort Gordon, the transition of Army Cyber command down here, the army signal center, as well as the National Security Agency,” says Shea. “Across the river you got the Savannah River tied to the Department of Energy. You’ve got a great academic down here with a lot of colleges and universities.”

Those in attendance will also hear from keynote speakers that have security experience. Some of those speakers include…

“We are very happy to have our final keynote speaker which is Lt. General Bob Caslen, which is the new president of the University of South Carolina. We have the opportunity as well to hear General Fogarty, who was a commander here, but is now a commander of Army Cyber. he’ll be speaking.”

At the start of the formal program on Wednesday, students in grades k-12 will be challenged on cyber skills for their capture the flag event.

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