AECOM’s Management Services Division rebranded as Amentum


AIKEN, S.C. (WJBF) — AECOM has been sold and rebranded as a standalone company, Amentum.
Tuesday was the official launch of the company. A spokesperson for Amentum says the newly sold business will continue to expand what AECOM’s Management Services did.

“You’re going to see us trying to grow the market here, and at Fort Gordon,” explained the Vice President of Marketing and Communications, Keith Wood. “Also, what we are managing here in Aiken, around the DOE complex.”

AECOM was responsible for closing the underground high-level radioactive liquid waste storage tanks at the Savannah River Site near Aiken. After selling its management services division, a new organization is coming to town, Amentum. The significant change is the portion of the company will focus on the government service sector.

“That allows us to focus our resources and energy and investment on the needs of the federal government, in particular, the department of energy locally,” said Savannah River Remediation President & Project Manager, Tom Foster.

Amentum is a top 15 government service provider, with its primary clients being the department of defense and the department of energy. Local leaders say the CSRA will benefit from the company in other ways.

“Not only from the workforce standpoint but opportunities from the education arena,” said Aiken County Public School District Chief Officer of Operations & Student Services, Dr. Shawn Foster. “Opportunities for our students to have hands-on experiences.”

Opportunities and exposure to careers that Dr. Foster hopes the Aiken County students take advantage of.

“We can do, but some much inside the four walls in the classrooms and our teachers do a wonderful job,” explained Dr. Foster. “However, to able to extend beyond the classroom is key.”

The word Amentum represents a leather strap for the javelin that the greeks used in their games. Amentum allows the spear to be thrown straighter and farther.

“That is what we are all about as a company,” said Foster. “Straight, farther, better, cheaper, and faster; that’s the conation of that name. We’re pretty excited about that.”

The AECOM Center for the Performing Arts in Downtown Aiken is now called the Amentum Center for the Performing Arts.

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