Augusta, Ga (WJBF) – All four of Augusta’s advance voting sites seeing a steady stream of voters coming in and casting ballots, as voters see something on the ballot that haven’t seen in a couple decades.   

Voters casting their ballots as the runoffs heat up, people pointing to the mayor’s race in Augusta as a big draw. 

“It really is, so now that we have two candidates that we think are looking out for our own good for the community more people are coming out,” said Christine Howard.

Primary run offs in the summer normally do not see large turnouts, but in the early voting this week, there have been more ballots cast than the last two primary runoffs combined, but elections officials say having a mayoral runoff is a change.

“We have not had a mayor’s race runoff, the last time that happened was in 2002, so this is really the first time we’ve had a mayor’s run off in all that time” said Elections Director Travis Doss.

And voters we talked to are taking an interest in the Johnson, Kendrick battle, believing the mayor’s job is not just ceremonial.

“Oh no it’s very important because his name is on a lot of things and it’s very influential, it’s more like being an ambassador for Augusta,” said Barbara Johnson.

What are you looking for in a mayor, good leader, a good leader somebody who is going to lead Augusta into the future, we know everything is changing right now we need someone who is going to lead us in a different direction,” said Norma Ratliff.

Early voting is well about normal for these runoffs, but elections officials   say that does not mean it will carry over to above average Election Day voting as well.

“Sadly, in May we did not see that we saw high trend of advance voting but it kind of fizzled out Election Day.

Now voting is free, but elections are not the cost of this runoff $199,000.