AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Addison Niday is an artist on a mission. A few months back, he got a lot of attention for restoring several Coca-Cola murals around the area and founding the Augusta Mural Restoration Project.

“Sign painters kind of paved the way for Augusta and beyond with how they got their products out and I feel like they really inspired local artists and kind of invented murals and the ones I really want to restore are the ones that are really disappearing. It’s been a long and really exciting journey for me, to be able to do these, and to able to have the community be so welcoming, and so thankful, and excited to see them again because they’ve been long gone for almost a hundred years,” said Niday.

Niday has done more murals since then and now he’s branching out by teaming up with Beautify Augusta.

“Beautify Augusta is an art centric organization. We are a non-profit organization that focuses on bringing together local business owners who want to support art projects, but our main focus is to bring public works of art in to the downtown area to help further beautify our city,” said Co-Founder, Jessica Baskette.

Recently, the organization and Niday teamed up to restore the mural on the old “Pink Slips” building downtown and they plan to do more.

“Putting strategic pieces of art around an area helps people. It negates fear and then they begin to travel areas, they stop, look at art, and take pictures and if more people are there, more economy comes in,” said Co-Founder, Jeremy Rueggeberg.

“They sponsored this project, the Pink Slips project. I definitely couldn’t have done it without them. They got my back,” said Niday.

Reaction to all of the work has been positive and people are reaching out to express how pleased they are with the art.

“It takes an obscure building on Jones Street that everyone passes by and doesn’t think anything about and makes it a destination,” said Rueggeberg.

Niday’s currently working on a large future project and he’s asking for artists in the community with help in restoring the “Life’s Highway” mural on Ellis Street.

“I’d like all the artists and anyone that can paint, anyone that’s interested in restoring one of the biggest murals in downtown, I’ll be supplying the paint, I’ll be supplying all the materials. All they need to do is show up, if they want to help restore one of the coolest murals of 1978,” said Niday.

Addison wanted to thank Jason Craig for giving permission to bring back the mural. The mural was originally done by Craig. If you want to reach out to Addison about future projects you can go his website.