Addiction recovery church group acts out ‘step’ by donating food


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Social distancing requirements forced an addiction recovery based church to close its doors. But the pastor and those he is helping to live a normal life decided to instead use this crisis to serve others.

During this pandemic when food, such as a loaf of bread, is flying off grocery store shelves it can be difficult to eat. But a local group is altering its mission to make sure that no one goes hungry.

NewsChannel 6 spoke with 143 Ministries Founder Clifton Nobles. He shared, “We felt like the Lord told us that we were supposed to close our church down and mobilize our people and try to meet the need that we’re seeing.”

Boxes and boxes of food at Golden Harvest Food Bank need to get into the homes and on the plates of the hungry in the CSRA. So, since he can’t preach to his normal flock indoors anyway, Pastor Nobles is serving in another way.

“We’re serving anyone who needs food,” he said. “We’re trying to specifically focus on children. We have a lot of single mothers who are in a tight spot right now. And also the elderly who are afraid to go out into the community, we are dropping the food off at the door, knocking and saying here’s the food and then getting out of there.”

Those folks doing the knocking are part of 143 Ministries, lending a helping hand. Once groceries are picked up from the food bank, they are taken to a place to be unloaded, organized and packaged for families who may find that now there is nothing on their menu.

Children get snack bags. There’s milk and lots of milk by the gallons. And did we mention food? There is plenty of it. And even the coveted bathroom tissue that people can’t seem to find anywhere.

Nobles also shared, “They’re getting three meals per person. And we’re trying to do two to three days worth of meals per person, breakfast, lunch and dinner.”

Added to the meal box, is a message from the bible.

143 Ministries Secretary Mandy Metzler explained what the scriptures mean.

“Our main point of ministry in this is to get the word in their home because we know how powerful the word is. So, if we can get the word in their home, Psalm 91. We also have a scripture in there about how The Lord cares about you and not to worry about tomorrow. He clothes the lilies of the field and he feeds the sparrow. Are you not more important than them?”

Nobles told us in just four days they have fed more than 750 people. And even though 143 Ministires may not be business as usual, those in recovery are still taking a big step.

“The 12th step is to give back, to help other people and so everyone that is in recovery is actually doing the 12th step,” He said. “They are giving back and helping other people.

143 Ministries is feeding anyone who wants to eat. Just call (800) 560 – 7143 Ext. 5 or visit the website,

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