AUGUSTA (WJBF) – Masters Week is upon us once again, and if you’re looking for an opportunity to laugh, love, and network, then Charmeka Love and Ron Way, affectionately known as “LuvsWay,” have the perfect event for you.

Charmeka Love and Ron Way sit down with WJBF Digital to tell us more about Laughing LuvsWay.

Can you tell us a little bit more about Laughing LuvsWay?

Ron: We have a comedy show, April 5th. We want you to come out on Wednesday – Wine Down Wednesday. Listen, it’s the middle of the week, it’s going to be Spring Break, the kids are going to be getting on your nerves…

Charmeka: They’re going to be there, they’re going to be there.

Ron: …leave them at the house, lock the door, and come see me. (Laughs)

Charmeka: Don’t get in trouble with child protective services for us. Please make sure you have a babysitter or something. Don’t listen to Ron Way; do it LuvsWay. Love on them children. Don’t have them people calling. (Laughs)

And where this event be happening?

Charmeka: So, it will be at Cloudz Hookah Lounge, which is an amazing and vibrant spot out in Grovetown. It is definitely good vibes. It is a veteran-owned business, which I think is really big since we are a military community. The owner [Draya] is going to make sure the building is everything for us because it’s always an amazing vibe. The owner, Draya, is so sweet; she is refilling everyone’s hookah all night long because she knows we’re going to be in there networking and mixing. You buy your hookah, and she’s refilling it all night for free. We’re making sure you’re wining down so that means you’re drinking your wine all night long for free. You’re also laughing LuvsWay with Ron Way and Comedian EJ Rogers. Rogers is funny, and he’s from Augusta, Georgia. So, it’s going to be an amazing time.

Ron, what made you want to get into comedy?

Ron: I’ve been told I’ve been funny since forever, so I said, “I’ma go for it.” I’ve always wanted to do this. I’ve been studying this since I was an adolescent. I stayed up late night. I used to in the middle of night when I was supposed to be in the bed, and Comic View would come on. I’m up watching. My mama is sleep; I’m watching the TV. I always wanted to be a comedian, and I told my wife. We sat down and went over our dreams, and she’s a pusher. She was like, “Hey, if this is what you want to do, I’m tired of you talking about it, so let’s go get it.” So, here we go.

Charmeka: This is our third comedy show. We’ve been selling out. It’s been amazing. So, this time since we have so many business owners in the building, it’s Masters’ Week and Spring Break. Everybody can’t get on that course because you have your kids at home, but afterwards, once you get that babysitter, we want you to come out and promote your business. Network. Wear your brand if that’s what you got. We want you to come out and get the benefit of networking with some of the best within the CSRA . It’s Masters’ Week, and we don’t know where they’re coming from. So, you’re going to get a chance to network.

If someone wants to network, but they cannot physically be there. How can they still participate?

Charmeka: What they say, “Life be life-ing now?” (Laughs) And we understand that, but we want you to also get an opportunity to network that business. So, Cloud’s Hookah Lounge is going to be open that day a few hours before doors open at 7. So, you can drop off those business cards for just $5, and we’re going to pass them out for you. We’re doing your own footwork. You don’t even have to be in the building if you’re tired, but you want to network, drop off your cards for $5, and we have your back.

BEST IN SNOW. Team Hakuna Matata/Southern Snow. (Disney/Todd Wawrychuk)

Now, we have to discuss your Disney+ appearance on Best In Snow on Team Hakuta Matata with Que and Emmanuel Butler. How was that experience?

Charmeka: Shout out to E and Que because that’s our “framily!” [Friends/Family] We love them!

Ron: Well, it was cold for me. It was very cold and uncomfortable. (Laughs) But I learned a lot. It was awesome. Great producers. Disney+ is something else. Taught us a lot.

Charmeka: Just to piggyback off of him, I did get frostbite in my big toe. (Laughs) So, it is cold up there. Georgians don’t belong in Colorado. So, no, we should not be going up there unless it’s the summertime for them too because they’re winter, winter.

Ron: We brought clothes from Georgia.

Charmeka: Georgia-winter clothes. Yeah, we didn’t understand that Colorado has a different winter that they have all four seasons, and theirs were real. So, yeah, I got frostbite. So, that was experience in the snow. But other than that, it was amazing. So many doors opened because of that. I was telling my husband that sometimes we don’t want to do things because we’re not going to be “the star” that’s going to shine. However, because of that opportunity, we still did us, and we still had the chance to shine. We’ve had so many opportunities to come from that. We’ve been on BET+. My husband has been able to work with Jamie Foxx. We’ve worked with Ne-Yo, Ja Rule, and Tyler Perry. We’ve had amazing projects all because we took a chance, and someone took a chance on us.

Laughing LuvsWay will take place Wednesday, April 5th at Cloudz Hookah Lounge, 5110 Wrightsboro Road in Grovetown. There is a $20 entry fee, but you will get $5 off if you have a Masters Badge or Ticket. Doors open at 7 P.M.