Aaliyah’s Birthday Wish


“It’s pretty amazing for somebody her age but she’s always been giving to others” Valarie Chapman, Aaliyah’s grandmother.

meet soon to be eight year old Aaliyah Harden. Her birthday is on December 22 and  unlike most kids her age–she did not want gifts. Instead she wanted to accomplish something greater than herself.

“Instead of having birthday presents, I want to feed the homeless for my birthday.”

After telling her mother what she wanted. Paige harden took to Facebook to help her daughter accomplish her birthday wish. Paige posted a video of aaliyah explaining what she wanted to do. after that day they were surprised by the responses. 

“The world showed her that there is some good left because it wasn’t just a family thing. People from all over  Germany, Washington D.C. and Texas. People from all over were helping Aaliyah make a difference in our community.”  Paige Harden, Aaliyah’s mother.

Aaliyah collected 1,300 dollars from that post allowing her to fill 50 Christmas bags with water bottles, a blanket, toothbrushes and toothpaste to name a few.
Everyday items we sometimes tend to take for granted. Aaliyah’s grandmother says this is something that doesn’t catch her off guard about her granddaughter.

“That’s who she is. She finds value and she finds beautiful things in everything and everybody so I’m not surprised at all,” Glynis Key, Aaliyah’s grandmother.

Along with the 50 Christmas bags, aaliyah and her family will provide a hot meal to those in need at her church. those men will also get to take a plate with them. Paige says they collected so many donations that they were able to purchase gift cards.  That money will secure a second meal for those in need.

 “A kind word or a kind gesture. I’m hoping that she can continue to see  that she can be a good influence on the world and to our community.”

Aaliyah and her family will pass out those bags and a hot meal on December 12th at Curtis Baptist Church. Happy 8th Birthday, Aaliyah. 

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