AUGUSTA, GA. (WJBF)- Michael Johnson’s life changed incredibly six years ago.

“I woke up, out my sleep, I felt like I had a terrible headache and the headache persisted,” Johnson said. 

At just 32 years old, Johnson had a stroke.

Since that day, he has worked hard to get back to doing things he used to.

“If I need to open certain things, I would use my teeth. So, it was tough but now I can use my left hand to hold– like if I wanted to open a water bottle I can put it in my left hand and hold it to open it,” Johnson said.

Since March of this year, Johnson has used the powered brace to assist   his arm and remind it of its capabilities. 

“This device actually takes signals from my arm and it boosts the signals that reach the signal to bridge the gap between the disconnections from my brain to my muscles,” Johnson said.

A tool that can change the trajectory of someone’s life for the better, Johnson is that example.

His case was unique– one Piedmont Augusta had to do some extra research and preparation to care for.

“They’ve had further training, myself included, and how to rehab someone who has had a stroke,” Occupational Therapist Bailey Parker said.

Quite a few of their Occupational Therapists became Certified Stroke Rehabilitation Specialists to provide better care for Johnson with the use of his MyPro.

“Typically six years later you wouldn’t see a huge change, but back to the fact that he does his exercises at home, he’s knowledgeable, he works really hard and then supplementing with the use of the prosthetic he has made tremendous progress,” Parker said.

Piedmont Augusta’s hope is that more individuals who have or are experiencing a similar situation to Johnson’s, they reach out to begin their road to recovery.