A rescue group demands stricter animal cruelty laws in Georgia after one-year-old poodle dies


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Ollie’s Angels Animal Rescue Group is demanding stricter laws for animal abuse. It comes after the death of a one-year-old poodle in Augusta.

Ollie’s Angels a New York-based animal rescue that gets some dogs from Augusta.

A spokesperson for the group told NewsChannel 6 reporter, Devin Johnson, one dog they received was in such poor condition it died shortly after its arrival.

Now they want the dog’s owner charged.

People in an Augusta neighborhood say they witnessed a one-year-old poodle living in horrible conditions.

So they told Devin they took matters into their own hands, went over and got the dog.

“They don’t know if he was dead, but they went in told those people we are taking this dog, and we are taking him to the vet,” said a foster parent for Ollie’s Angels Animal Rescue, Kimberly Brannon.

They named the poodle “Chance” in hopes of him making a full recovery. But after six hours his organs failed, and he crossed the rainbow bridge dying at the vet’s office.  

One neighbor says Georgia needs stricter punishments in place for people who abuse pets.

“I don’t know what drives people to dogs they can’t take care of,” explained Erin Kelley. “I have yet to figure it out, probably never will figure it out. But maybe they will understand jail time.”

Kelley believes people aren’t worried about the fines or misdemeanors that come with animal cruelty charges.

She says the number of cases of animal abuse would go down if people were automatically sentenced to about five years in jail.

“The fact that she wants to keep the kennel, that statement bothered me. That means she is planning to get another dog,” said Kelley.

Brannon told Devin, she has been reaching out to Richmond County Animal Services, but she and Ollie’s Angels Animal Rescue are planning to take matters straight to the Governor Kemp’s office.

“I think that’s what we’re going have to do to resolve anything because at county level nothing is happening,” said Brannon.

Both Brannon and Kelley say the state has to step up for our four-legged friends.

“If we don’t speak up for these little animals they can’t,” explained Brannon. “We have to be their voice.”

“Poor Chance, think of him in that backyard,” said Kelley. “His whole one year of his life was spent in misery being tortured basically.”

The penalty for a misdemeanor of animal cruelty in Georgia is up to one year in jail and a fine of no more than $1,000.

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