A public boat dock in Riverside Village is in the works


NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C. (WJBF) – Dakota Schwartz wants a big catch.

He said he describes himself as a, “Die-hard bass fisherman. I don’t fish for brim or anything else just largemouth bass.”

While Schwartz looks for possibilities in the water, others in North Augusta are too.

Right now, several city leaders are planning to build a boat dock. Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Director Rick Meyer said anyone could use it but nobody can park overnight. The dock would be adjacent to the Greeneway near SRP Park and it would be the first public use boat dock in the Riverside Village area.

“What it’s going to do Wes, it provides another means of transportation to access Riverside Village. You can come to a ball game, come in your boat,” said Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Director Rick Meyer.

The dock will have boat slips according to Meyer and parking during operating hours will be free. It will look similar to the 5th Street Marina and he estimates everything will cost about $250,000.

Meyer explained, “When you’re putting a dock on a river that has a swift current, you need a good design, geotechnical work. And they’ll actually bring a barge in here and drill down into the river because you’re going to have to put pilings out there to secure this floating dock.”

Would you use it?

“Oh yeah, definitely. Definitely,” responded Schwartz.

Earlier this month, city council members approved a resolution for a local engineering firm (Cranston Engineering) to draw up the boat dock designs. Meyer said everybody is keeping a close watch on the decisions made with the Lock and Dam.

Meyer said, “That’s above my pay grade, those decisions. I think all the residents of both sides of the river have seen what happens when they knocked that water level down and I would certainly hope that doesn’t happen.”

Meyer also hopes to open the boat dock by summer next year. Funding is coming from Aiken County Water Craft taxes.

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